Custom Database Development Services

Turn your web and mobile app data into a competitive advantage. 

We understand all the importance of business data, so we offer fast and secure database solutions to help you to streamline your workflows and grow your business by effective data management and storage.

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Database Development Services

TaoTastic delivers robust custom database solutions to your specific needs. Our database solutions are highly secure and easy to use addressing your most pressing needs. Our cross-platform solutions can integrate multiple data sources with many off the shelf ecommerce solutions, and existing company portals.

Database Application Development

We design data-driven desktop, mobile and web-based applications that leverage powerful database solutions, empowering your users to access data any time of day, from any device, and with the assurance that all their information is being transferred along highly secure channels. All our database applications have intuitive UI/UX designs, prioritizing ease of use for employees and customers alike.

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Data Technology Experts

All our database engineers are required to be highly efficient SQL and PHP coders and must possess a deep working knowledge of popular database management systems like Oracle DB, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as mobile database development tools like SQLite. We also boast a deep talent pool of specialists in programming languages and technologies like .NET, XML, AJAX, Java, jQuery and Visual Basic.

Data Analysis

Organizing your data is one thing; knowing how to leverage it is a whole other battle. We take structured data and turn it into actionable Business Intelligence (BI), generating sharable reports, automating data-dependent processes, forecasting user and market trends, and finding opportunities for improvement within your enterprise.

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Our Software Development Solutions

Our Team has Skills and Experience to Impact

Mobile App Developers

42,000+ hrs
400+ Projects

Business Consultants
2,600+ hrs
25+ Projects

Software Engineers
95,000+ hrs
600+ Projects

Database Developers
72,000+ hrs
300+ Projects