TaoTastic is a US-based business development company that offers on-demand technology-focused business solutions.

We offer custom software development and consulting services to help your business grow with less stress and less cost. Our team has the technology prowess to power your business forward at every stage of your organization's life from inception onward. We have been refining our expertise across multiple industries to drive success and minimize risk, no matter what sector your organization occupies. Read on to find out more about the benefits of partnering with us.

Embrace Your Own Digital Evolution

Grow your organization with less stress and less cost.

We have a broad understanding of how digitalism has disrupted many industries. By collaborating with us, we can help you harness the benefits of these technological disruptors to drive you ahead in your industry.

Find out how we can help grow your organization.

Our process is straightforward, powerful, and the results are impactful.

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We first ask the right questions to define your growth objectives and organizational needs. 


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We conduct in-depth research, analyzing, and synthesizing the results to isolate insights that we turn into value-added solutions.  


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Only then do we develop robust strategies or products to help your organization reach your goals and stay on track.


From the first touch to implementation to result from analysis, we are your committed partner. We are here to listen, inform, and deliver world-class solutions.

What Makes TaoTastic Different

Every project has its own specific set of hurdles and demands a team with a unique cross-section of skill sets. That's why we've always strived to offer the most efficient, flexible, and affordable development solutions around.

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Project Specific Expertise

You are matched with developers and project managers who understand the complexities of your vertical, including specific technology and industry requirements.

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Selected Resourced Teams

Whether you're looking for a single resource to augment your current team or an end-to-end development supergroup, we will align your development team with your specific set of needs.

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Real Time Coordination

We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our projects. In addition to being available on-demand during your working hours, we'll provide you with weekly status calls.

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Complete Project Ownership

Once we complete your project to your exact specifications, we will release your proprietary work products and intellectual property with no licensing, no fees, and no hassles.

Our Solutions are Robust and Comprehensive

Our Team has Skills and Experience to Impact

Mobile App Developers

42,000+ hrs
400+ Projects

Business Consultants
2,600+ hrs
25+ Projects

Software Engineers
95,000+ hrs
600+ Projects

Database Developers
72,000+ hrs
300+ Projects

Have some questions?

We are here for you, give us a call or send us a message.  We are always happy to hear from you.  Let's work together to create solutions to propel your organization forward.

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